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+ Unique buckwheat-sourced vitamin D3, UK Vegetarian Society approved
+ Allergen-free, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO
+ Plant-based vitamin D3, suitable for vegetarians and vegans
+ Each capsule contains 800 IU high contents of vitamin D3
+ Micro capsules, easy to swallow

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Vitamin D, also known as "The Sunshine Vitamin", is absolutely essential for good health. Vitamin D plays multiple roles in the body, helping to : the regulation of calcium absorption, the health of bones and teeth; the release of bone calcium to maintain blood calcium balance; and the normal physiology of nerves and muscles. The two major forms of vitamin D are : 

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) - Mainly animal-derived, including lanolin.
Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) - Mainly comes from plant sources, including mushrooms.

The official authority of the United States : The National Institutes of Health (NIH) pointed out that although vitamin D2 and D3 can be absorbed by the human body after consumption, most studies have confirmed that vitamin D3 is more effective than vitamin D2 in increasing the body's vitamin D content. In addition, for maintaining the stability and time of vitamin D content in the body, vitamin D3 is also superior to D2. Therefore, vitamin D3 has also been recommended by many experts and researchers as the optimal form of vitamin D supplementation

realpromise's VEGAN D3 supplement specially chosen the ingredient from Austria. Through it's breakthrough technology, a buckwheat-sourced new vitamin D3 has created, now even vegetarians can enjoy the benefits of vitamin D3. In addition, VEGAN D3 uses micro capsules; each capsule contains up to 800 IU high contents of vitamin D3. Whether you are elders, adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women, indoor workers, or vegetarians, you can easily reach your recommended daily intake level of vitamin D with our VEGAN D3. 

Cultavit® is the key raw material of our VEGAN D3, at the centre of the Cultavit® process are the seeds of buckwheat – Fagopyrum Esculentum. Cultavit® is from the innovative company “KeimKraft GmbH”, located in Burgenland, Austria. The company has been working for decades with seeds of all kinds, ancient and new, to understand and optimise conditions for growing and harvesting plants without chemical interventions. KeimKraft found the most suitable varieties for cultivation, uses science and technology to make food rich in vitamins and minerals, and insists on never using chemical processing to maintain the most original appearance of the food. The Cultavit® process makes it possible to optimize and standardize the biological growth and seeding processes. Under the persistence of long-term and diligent management, KeimKraft has gained an irreplaceable position in the world and has become a market-leading specialist concerning the germination procedure. They have continually set innovative standards for food and nutritional supplements. Cultavit® has gradually taken a place in the new generation of raw materials market.

Buckwheat has been used as a crop in Europe and Asia for many centuries, and has experienced a real renaissance in the past few years. Although there is a word "wheat" in the name of buckwheat, buckwheat has nothing to do with wheat. It belongs to the “Polygonaceae" and contains no gluten, so allergen information is not required on the product. Buckwheat is a good source of fiber. Its protein is of high biological value (> 90%), and it is rich in all essential amino acids and trace elements. In the eyes of people who pursue a healthier diet, buckwheat is one of the best food choices to replace white rice.

The seeds have proven to be a living organism; they have a natural maximum of nutrient concentration. During the germination process, buckwheat seeds will release all energy, coupled with the rapid growth of absorption capacity, do its best to absorb the nutrients available from the environment, and finally convert it into a form that can be used by the organism for subsequent growth. The scientists of KeimKraft have taken a fancy to this characteristic of buckwheat. After many experiments and tests, they have formulated the perfect ratio of nutrients required for buckwheat germination. Under the right temperature and environmental conditions, the seedlings begin to grow. The buckwheat seeds gather the required nutrients from the medium and incorporate these into its natural structures. This process is carefully controlled, continuously supervised and terminated at the optimum time; then made into vitamins-rich raw materials for nutritional supplements. By the modern science and innovative technology, the Cultavit® process has successfully redefined and optimized the ancient grain - buckwheat.

The unique advantages of Cultavit® D3 include: rich in vitamins and minerals, gluten-free, non-GMO and free from allergens. It has excellent stability and tolerability, can retain a high degree of nutrients even after high-temperature baking. Cultavit® D3 is UK Vegetarian Society approved, in addition to CLEAN labelling (EU) approved, IFS (The International Featured Standard) Food Safety Quality Certification and Kosher certification, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Moreover, Cultavit® D3 is mainly milled buckwheat seeds – with a pleasant taste and odor.

There have been lots of research data to support that the potency of vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is superior to vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol). Many authoritative organizations and medium in the United States and the United Kingdom have also suggested that vitamin D3 is the most recommended form when it comes to vitamin D supplementation.

A study published in 2013 focused on the testing subjects who had the same vitamin D concentration in their bodies as a benchmark, compared the effects of supplementing vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 during the 25-week test period (winter time). The result indicated that vitamin D2 is more than 20% worse than vitamin D3 for maintaining the level of vitamin D in the body. Therefore, the researchers concluded that vitamin D3 is better and more potent than vitamin D2. Regardless of whether it is for the researching purpose or recommending supplements to customers, vitamin D3 should be the one selected and advised.

In another research article published in 2019, using 25 people who were vitamin D deficient as testing subjects. During 12-week test period, the subjects were supplemented separately with vitamin D3 and vitamin D2, and tested their vitamin D content level at the 8th and 12th weeks. It was found that the vitamin D3-supplemented subjects had significantly greater vitamin D level in their bodies than the vitamin D2’s.

Besides, more studies have evaluated the efficacy of vitamin D in different forms and amounts of intake, the results showed that vitamin D3 is more than 10 times more efficacious than vitamin D2 and lasts longer in the body.

A low vitamin D status is emerging as a very common in Taiwan. According to the results of the National Nutrition Survey from 2013 to 2016, Taiwanese people’s vitamin D intake and the level of vitamin D in the body are both deviated. Combining the condition of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, the deficient ratio in men aged 13~44 and above 45 years old is nearly 60% and 40%, whereas in women is as high as 80% and 60% respectively. The proportion of vitamin D deficiency is extremely high!

People can consume vitamin D, but it is not naturally present in many foods, and foods with a high vitamin D content is not much to find. Hence, it’s not easy to get enough vitamin D via food. Meanwhile, foods containing vitamin D are mostly animal organs, and it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of excessive cholesterol intake when supplementing. When exposed to the sun, our skin can also produce vitamin D. However, many reasons can affect the body's ability to synthesize vitamin D, such as seasons, sunshine duration, cloud thickness, skin melanin levels, and sun protection measures. According to researches, even if women apply sunscreen with SPF 8, it is possible to block 95% of vitamin D production. In addition, Taiwanese people are usually afraid of tanning, and most modern people are engaged in indoor work. Most Taiwanese cannot synthesize enough vitamin D from the sun every day. It is safe and easy way to improve the insufficient vitamin D condition with dietary supplements.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for maintaining human health, but due to negligence of its importance, vitamin D deficiency is very common. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, young children, the elderly and indoor workers should pay more attention to vitamin D supplementation. In order to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, in terms of the vitamin D3 daily recommended intake, according to the recommendation by National Institutes of Health (NIH), all infants and children under 12 months old need 400 IU (10 mcg) of vitamin D each day. Children 1 to 13 years old should take 600 IU (15 mcg) a day. Adults, pregnant or lactating women need 600 IU (15 mcg) daily whereas people over 70 years should increase their vitamin D supplementation with a goal of 800 IU (20 mcg) a day. Each capsule of realpromise’s VEGAN D3 contains 800 IU (20 mcg) high content of vitamin D3. The design of micro capsules make it easy to swallow, and supports your daily needs with ease.

Vitamin D deficiency is a global public health issue, a data showed that 98% of Taiwanese people are insufficient in vitamin D. The following four groups are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency :

According to a survey, about 30% of pregnant women in Taiwan are deficient in vitamin D. Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare reminded women who are preparing to conceive or are pregnant to get moderate sun exposure and eat more foods rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to increase calcium absorption. It is involved in the growth and development of bones and teeth. The amount of vitamin D accumulated in a newborn's body at birth depends on the mother's vitamin D status during pregnancy. Base of off researches, a baby who is breastfed exclusively without sunlight or vitamin D supplementation can maintain vitamin D stored in the body for about 8 weeks ; If the mother's vitamin D level is low, the baby may be more prone to vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers should supplement vitamin D in appropriate amounts daily. 

According to the "Report on the World Vegetarian Population", the number of vegetarians in Taiwan now exceeds 3 million, accounting for 13% of the total population. It’s the second highest rate in the world. However, the vitamin D3 in food mainly comes from meat (such as deep sea fish, animal organs, milk and eggs); there are little or no vegetable sources of vitamin D. Besides, most of the vitamin D supplements seen on the market are animal-based or mainly vitamin D2. Vegetarians may be at greater risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Compared to the beginning of the 20th century, the average lifespan of people in Taiwan is longer by nearly 30 years. As the elderly grow older, the probability of living alone is higher. These elderly are most likely to ignore diet and activities, so they often face inadequate nutrition and insufficient sunlight in the long run. It is not uncommon for many old people to suffer from vitamin D deficiency symptoms without realizing it.

People who work indoors most of the time, and people who use sun protection frequently or are afraid of sun exposure may also lack vitamin D because of insufficient sun exposure. With more people staying indoors during the pandemic, some may have been deprived of vitamin D.


The purity and concentration of the product are the cornerstone of results. From the purity and safety certification of the raw materials to the third-party laboratory inspection of the finished products, we exercise strict control over every stage. Each product has its own tailored certification lists for safety inspection to ensure that every product made by realpromise is of the highest quality in order to achieve the best results. Our products have not only passed the highest level inspection and approval by the third-party laboratory, but also won the trust and recommendation by professionals and international institutions. Therefore, when you choose realpromise, you can truly trust us that we will guard your health.


Our manufacturing factories have passed many certifications. Whether it is a manufacturing factory in Canada or Taiwan, we only choose the most stringent standard applicable for any process line to produce our carefully developed products. Our C.A. manufacturing factory has GMP and U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification, as well as HALAL certification. The manufacturing factory in Taiwan is certified by a third-party organization - U.K. URS, which complies with HACCP and ISO 22000 safety regulations. The highest quality is worthy of your trust and confidence.


At realpromise, we make a conscious effort to avoid preservatives and harmful artificial chemical additives. When researching formulations and manufacturing, purity and safety are always our uncompromising principle. We insist on never using the following ingredients in our products, we will definitely keep a close eye out for you.


We are convinced that quality and efficacy are the cornerstones of nutritional supplements, which is also our guarantee to you. The use of inferior raw materials for the sake of cost will deeply affect the quality and effectiveness after consumption, so we only use the clinically-proven raw materials from well-known brands. In our opinion, the so-called high-quality dietary supplements must meet the following three standards :

Absorption Rate:For high-quality nutritional supplements, the efficacy after consumption depends on the absorption rate of the ingredients themselves. After all, the efficacy is highly related to the form of the ingredients. We insist on using the raw materials with highest-quality active form available to ensure our customers can achieve the best results after taking in our products. 

Origin:The origin of the ingredients is the crucial point. Our principle in terms of choosing ingredients includes 1). The efficacy has been validated by a number of clinically trials. 2). The raw materials have to be from high-purity well-known brands. 3). The proof of high absorption rate and active form. Moreover, we never use inferior artificial chemicals to synthesize nutrients.

Form:Our products are mainly in the form of transparent capsules. Capsule formats are safer than tablets, because many additives have to add to tablets during molding process. Meanwhile, artificial colors and titanium dioxide are added to make colored capsules/tablets. All of these could cause potential harms to your body. Rejecting to use any risky substances in our products is our promise. In addition, realpromise is also extremely careful in the choice of capsule sizes. We understand the sizes of the capsules could affect the user acceptance and compliance. We intend to make the product easier to swallow, thus reducing the discomfort and rejection from the users. We always try to stand on the perspective of our consumers, and provide the best nutritional supplements without putting your feelings on the back burner.

  • Ingredients : Vitamin D3 (from Buckwheat Seed Powder), Microcrystalline α-Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Purified Water).
     Size : 90 Count.
    Suggested Use : Take one capsule daily, with food, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioners.
    Caution : 1). Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.  2). Keep out of reach of children.
    Product Effective Date : 24 Months.
    Storage : Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
    Manufacturer : Real Promise Co. Ltd.
    Food Enterprises Registration No : A-152427266-00000-2.
    Origin : Taiwan.
    Product Liability Insurance : This product has been insured by Tokio Marine News Insurance Co., Ltd. Insurance no : 1702010ML000404.
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