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1. Upon joining as a member, you will immediately receive NT$100 shopping credit (shopping credit validity : 90 days, maximum discount applicable : NT$100).

2. Accumulate a total spending of NT$3000, NT$6000, or NT$10000 within 12 months to qualify for advancing your membership grade. After upgrading, you can enjoy exclusive discounts of 2% to 8% on your purchases for the next 12 months. These discounts are applicable instantly, and there is no limit to the discount amount.

3. Birthday shopping credit will be sent at midnight (12:00 AM) on your birthday. Please ensure that your member profile includes your birthday information to avoid any impact on your birthday shopping credit benefits.

1. The "Rebate Program” is exclusively available to members. To be eligible for this program, you must be a registered member and make your purchase while logged in. Please note that checking the "I want to become a member" option during checkout will not be considered as being logged in, and your order, even if it meets the criteria, will not earn you any store credit.

2. Orders must be completed with payment and have a status of "Completed" in order for the system to send shopping credits to your member account, provided they meet the qualifying conditions.

3. The amount after order discounts (including store-wide/specific product promotions, member tier discounts, and store credits) will only be considered for store credits if it meets the specified minimum purchase threshold, excluding shipping and additional fees.

4. In the case of order cancellations or returns, store credits will be automatically deducted.

5. Registered members can participate in the "3% rebate for every NT$1000 spent" program, and the store credits earned through this program have no expiration date.

6. When members receive store credits, they can independently set the amount to be used as a discount on their orders. Store credits can be used as a discount for orders exceeding NT$1000, with a maximum of 20% of the sum of consumption.

7. This promotion is exclusively applicable to the realpromise official shop, and RealPromise Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the details of the promotion.

1. Our system automatically updates the membership qualifications at 12 o'clock (GMT+8) after the end of each day to check whether the members meet the conditions of upgrade or renewals.

2. Members can log in and go to【 MY ACCOUNT 】to view their current membership level benefits and account shopping credit information.

3. Accumulated upgrade amounts for members will be calculated starting from 11:00 AM on July 10, 2019, based on their spending.

4. Membership upgrade and renewal conditions are based on the timeframe of 12 months. Members can qualify for upgrades or renewals by accumulating the required spending within 12 months of their purchase.

5. Membership upgrades are based on the order amounts with a payment status of "Paid" and order statuses that are not "Cancelled."

6. In the case of orders using discount shopping credits that fail to be paid or are cancelled, the system will automatically refund the used shopping credits after updating the order status to "Cancelled."

7. Without registering/logging in as a member, it is not possible to accumulate spending and achieve membership discounts.

8. Accumulated spending for membership levels cannot be combined across multiple accounts.

9. Member tier benefits and store credits can be used together. Member tier discounts and LINE coupons cannot be combined; our system will automatically apply the most favorable option.

10. The spending amount that qualifies for membership upgrade does not count towards the specified amount for renewal.

11. realpromise reserves the right to retain, modify, suspend, or change the details of the promotion at any time without further notice.

12. Additional purchase items and amounts are not eligible for membership level discounts. However, the amounts for additional purchase items can be accumulated for a 3% shopping credit reward.