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Recent researches and news have highlighted the health risks associated with sterilants such as ethylene oxide and titanium dioxide. Therefore, we have added ethylene oxide and titanium dioxide to our "NO LIST" of ingredients. Please rest assured that all our products have been third-party tested and confirmed to be free of ethylene oxide, both currently and in the past. realpromise's "NO LIST" will ensure the ongoing safety of all future product developments, as part of our commitment to you and your health.

So, what is realpromise's "NO LIST"? In simple terms, our "NO LIST" is a list of substances and ingredients that we refuse to use or include in our dietary supplements. Unnecessary chemical additives and allergens are all included in our "NO LIST".

Ingredients without essential efficacy or function are not used.
Ingredients containing any contaminants are not used.
Ingredients that cannot meet our stability testing standards are not used.
Ingredients that have been researched and officially confirmed to be risky are not used.

The "NO LIST" reflects the core value of realpromise, which is our commitment to providing high-quality dietary supplements that contain ingredients supported by clinical or scientific research, in effective dosages that remain active until the expiration date. You can trust our products to maintain consistency in ingredients in every batch and bottle, this is the promise we intend to keep all the way.

Some brands use cheap ingredients to keep the cost down, and take many shortcuts and loopholes, which affect both quality and the ultimate effectiveness of the products. realpromise's "NO LIST" protects our customers from the impact of low-quality ingredients or a decline in quality. Our mission and purpose are to provide you with top-notch dietary supplements that are highly effective, of high quality, and safe, enabling you to get health benefits after use.