How to Choose a Calcium Supplement – Ten Misunderstandings of Supplementing Calcium

    Due to the physiological characteristics of women, calcium plays a significant role in women than in men. Especially after 40 years of age, it is in a state of consuming more than absorption. Thus, calcium supplementation is really necessary for women after the age of 40! The calcium content of women's body reach a peak at 30 years of age, then slowly decline. In fact, even young people should pay more attention to the importance of calcium, and get the knowledge of calcium as early as possible, so that they will not suffer from calcium deficiency in the later life! Let a professional dietitian teach you how to choose good calcium supplements. Q1 : When choosing a calcium supplement, is it better to choose the product with more calcium content? A1 : The answer is “wrong”! Calcium has many forms, the highest calcium content is calcium carbonate, but its clinical effect is not satisfactory. Besides, only 40% of human bones is calcium, others include many "key nutrients”, such as minerals, trace elements, type 1 collagen, bone protein, and growth factors. Therefore, it is not enough to take calcium alone or to select a calcium supplement by calcium content! Let’s use building a house as an example. The general calcium supplement could only provide you the bricks. Of course, without other materials this structure alone is not going to be stable enough, and it is easy to be at risk if an earthquake occurs. What the human body needs is not just bricks, but also steel bars and cement, etc., and these together forms the so-called "key nutrients". The only source of calcium that can provide these "key nutrients" is animal-derived biological calcium. Bovine bone calcium is the best choice. Q2 : I found some suggestions online for selecting a calcium supplement by depending on the value of multiplying the calcium content and calcium absorption rate, is it correct? A2:Not completely correct! The rate of absorption is often-misunderstood. Regarding to different human bodies, the nutrient absorption varies. In other words, when it comes to taking medicine or supplements, each person's gastrointestinal condition differs, so the absorption rate and efficacy will no doubt be affected. In addition, by the datas from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) show calcium absorption is related to the content of a single intake, – the higher the single calcium intake, the lower the absorption rate. The optimal absorption rate is within a single intake 500 mg, so it is recommended to supplement calcium with multiple intakes. Therefore, calcium absorption cannot be presented as a "single number”, different conditions cause different effects. Meanwhile, phytic acid and oxalic acid contained in caffeine, alcohol, natural plants or vegetables could also reduce the rate of calcium absorption. Q3 : What are the advantages and disadvantages between different types of calcium? A3:Let’s use the following chart to explain : Source of Calcium Calcium Ion Content Advantages Disadvantages Natural Bovine Bone Calcium (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Compound) 25% Animal sources of calcium. High bioavailability Have proven by many clinical studies to be the optimal calcium source Contains complete “key nutrients”, including a variety of minerals, trace elements, type 1 collagen, bone protein and growth factors Not suitable for vegetarians Algae Calcium 32% Natural source In addition to calcium, it also contains a variety of minerals The form is also calcium carbonate and may cause flatulence Lack of “key nutrients” Calcium Carbonate 40% The cheapest source of calcium Lack of "key nutrients” May cause flatulence Non-natural source Difficult to absorb by people with poor digestion Calcium Citrate 21% Suitable for people with poor digestion and absorption Lack of "key nutrients" Non-natural source Citrate Lactate 15% Easy to absorb Lack of "key nutrients" May contain additional ingredients such as milk or yeast Non-natural source Calcium Amino Acid Chelate 10-20% Easy to absorb Lack of "key nutrients" Low calcium content Non-natural source Calcium Ascorbate 10% Can be used as a source of non-acidic vitamin C Lack of "key nutrients" Low calcium content Non-natural source Q4 : Based on some online news, taking calcium alone may have negative effects? A4 : That’s right! Many studies, including a large-scale follow-up study for 219,059 men and 169,170 women for 12 years in 2013, a care study for women (Women Health Initiative; WHI) in 2011, a research aiming at 10,555 Finland’s females in 2009, and a published study for 23,980 subjects in 2012 by European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), showed the same result that taking calcium alone can cause a large amount of calcium ions accumulate in the bloodstream. In the long run, this could cause negative effects on the human body. The mean to prevent this potential risk is to take vitamin K2 with calcium at the same time. Therefore, taking calcium alone is not enough! Q5 : Are the effect of vitamin K in calcium supplements the same? A5 : Wrong! Vitamin K2 can be further divided into several different subtypes, the most important ones being MK-4 and MK-7. MK-7 is the optimal source of vitamin K, so the reputable manufacturers indicate the source completely. Under long-term consumption, the effect of vitamin K2 is 7-8 times than vitamin K1; thus, vitamin K2 is the best choice. To achieve clinical efficacy, you need to consume at least 45 mcg of vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7; whereas you need to take 1500 mcg MK-4 for the equivalent potency. Clearly, MK-7 is thus the optimal source of vitamin K. Q6 : The calcium citrate powder supplement I purchased contains 0.1 micrograms of vitamin K2. Is it effective? A6 : Generally, in order to achieve the effect of regulating physiological function, you need to take vitamin K2 at least 45 micrograms daily. Per Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA), it is suggested that on average, adult women need 90 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin K per day. Therefore, too little consumption cannot achieve the desired results. Consumers should pay attention to the supplement facts label on the package. Q7 : When taking calcium supplements, in addition to vitamin K, are there any other nutrients should I take at the same time? A7 : Yes, vitamin D can also promote calcium absorption, help the growth and development of bones and teeth and improve the release of bone calcium to maintain blood calcium balance. Vitamin K can accelerate bone calcification and regulate physiological functions. In addition, the mineral – magnesium is beneficial to the normal development of bones and teeth as well. Calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium are the four key elements of a complete calcium supplement. When choosing a calcium supplement, you need to choose the one includes these four ingredients to achieve the best effectiveness. Q8 : By Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA), it recommends to take 1000 mg calcium daily. What should I do if the calcium content of the supplement I take is not high enough? A8 : A balanced diet is what people really need to stay healthy. We do not recommend to get calcium all by calcium supplements. Usually, the best option is to combine the balanced diet with dietary supplements. Foods rich in calcium include milk, cheese, dried fish, beans and leafy greens. Generally speaking, the calcium contained in each milliliter of milk exceeds 1 mg, so the calcium contained in a glass of milk (240 ml) is about 260 mg. Drinking a glass of milk every day or eating calcium-rich food, and then pairing with a calcium supplement can help you reach the best effectiveness of calcium supplementation. Q9 : Caffeine can affect calcium absorption. Should I stop drinking tea or coffee? A9 : Under normal condition of diet, you should stop worrying so much. Caffeine in coffee or tea indeed increase calcium loss and reduce calcium absorption. However, according to data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a cup of regular coffee (brewed coffee) could cause the loss of 2-3 mg calcium. To young women, an appropriate amount of coffee per day (about 1 cup of coffee or 2 cups of tea) should not cause severe effects. Q10 : What is the best time to take calcium? Before or after meals? A10 : One of the main principles of taking calcium supplement is it must be within 500 mg at a time to maintain the optimal absorption rate. As a result, it is recommended to split up into several doses. As for the best time of taking calcium, in addition to taking it during the day, it is better to take it before bedtime as well. Due to the physiological role during night, calcium supplements can reach good efficacy. For the daytime calcium intake, just take it at a time suitable to you. Q11 : What are the principles of choosing a calcium supplement? A11: Actually, to pick up the right calcium supplement is easy. Just pay attention to the following principles: 1). Natural sources will be better than chemical synthesis. Chemical synthesis is cheaper, it is relatively competitive in price, but the effect would be greatly suffered. Among natural-sourced calcium, the best one is the biological calcium obtained from animal-derived, because it contains "key nutrients." 2). As for the calcium source, bovine bone calcium is the top choice. Its ingredients contain the largest and most abundant key elements required by the human body, including minerals, trace elements, collagen, bone protein, and growth factors. It’s clinically proven as the best source of calcium supplements. There are many sources of bovine bone powder, New Zealand is the only source origin of BSE free in the world. New Zealand’s bovine bone powder is considered the highest and purest source, which is guaranteed by New Zealand government. Compared with the sources from other countries, it’s safe and trustworthy. 3). When choosing calcium supplements, remember there are four major elements: calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and mineral magnesium. When these four ingredients are taken at the same time, it would reach the optimal result of supplementing calcium. 4). In terms of the format, capsules are better than tablets. Capsules have less additives; on the contrary, tablets usually add additional excipients, adhesives, artificial colors and other chemicals. Taking nutritional supplements is for the sake of health, surely, the fewer the additives, the better. As for the powder form, many sugars or spices are often added in order to increase the taste, but it puts a burden on the human body. On the other hand, preservatives are often added to avoid microbial growth in the form of liquid calcium. Therefore, when choosing these two types of calcium, you’d better pay special attention to the supplement facts on the packaging. 5). Don't forget the purity verification when choosing a calcium supplement. Many foreign-imported brands may use their own purity report from manufacturers' to promote the products, but this is not credible! Only the inspection report provided by the third-party laboratory could present the credibility, including the testings of common heavy metals, microorganisms, and pesticide residues. Regardless of domestic or foreign brands, when you pick up a supplement, please remember to choose a brand that has been tested by third-party laboratories, which is considered to be safe.    

鈣挑選 Q&A 懶人包 – 補鈣十大誤解

    女性因生理因素影響,鈣質流失的速度會比男性快,從 40 歲前後開始,就處於一種消耗多於吸收的狀態,因此從 40 歲後補鈣是一定要的;女性體內鈣含量在 30 歲左右達到高峰,之後就慢慢下降,因此平時就需要注意多攝取含有鈣質的食品! 但其實年輕也要注重補鈣,及早了解「鈣」相關的知識,未來才不會有筋骨方面的困擾!讓專業營養師教您如何選鈣。 Q1:鈣挑選時,是選擇鈣含量越多的產品越好嗎? A1:錯! 鈣有許多不同形式,鈣含量最高的是碳酸鈣,但臨床上其效果差強人意。此外,人體的骨骼只有 40% 是鈣,其他還包含許多的「關鍵營養素」:礦物質、微量元素、第一型膠原蛋白、骨蛋白、與生長因子,因此光吃鈣或是單以鈣含量去挑選是不夠的! 你可以用蓋一棟房子來舉例,一般的鈣片只提供給妳磚塊,當然結構不夠穩固,地震來也容易有風險。而人體需要的,不只是磚塊,而包括鋼筋、水泥等,而這些就是所謂的「關鍵營養素」,能提供這些「關鍵營養素」的,只有一種鈣質來源,就是動物來源的生物鈣,而牛骨鈣就是最佳的選擇。 Q2:我看網路有用鈣含量和鈣吸收率相乘的數值來挑選,正確嗎? A2:不完全正確! 吸收率部分是一個很容易被誤解的因素,營養素在不同的人體吸收率都不同,就如同你吃藥或營養素,每個人腸胃道狀況不同,其吸收率和成效當然也會受到影響。此外,美國國衛院(NIH; National Institutes of Health)資料也顯示,鈣質的吸收與單次食用的含量有關,單次食用量越高,吸收率越低。單次 500 毫克以內能維持最佳吸收率,所以建議分多次食用。因此吸收率並無法以「單一數字」去呈現,因為不同狀況下都會有不同的影響。 此外,咖啡因、飲酒、天然植物或蔬菜中所含的植酸 (Phytic Acid) 與草酸 (Oxalic Acid),也會降低鈣的吸收率。 Q3:各種鈣的優缺點為何? A3:我們用以下圖表來解釋 : 鈣質來源 鈣離子含量 優點 缺點 天然牛骨鈣 (含微晶羥基磷灰石化合物 Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Compound) 25% 天然來源動物鈣,高生物利用率 經多篇人體臨床研究證實與多種鈣比較,效果最佳 含完整「關鍵營養素」,包含多種礦物質、微量元素、第一型膠原蛋白、骨蛋白與生長因子 素食者不適合食用 海藻鈣 32% 天然來源 除鈣之外,尚含多種礦物質 形式仍屬於碳酸鈣,可能導致脹氣 缺乏「關鍵營養素」 碳酸鈣 (Calcium Carbonate) 40% 最廉價鈣質來源 缺乏「關鍵營養素」 可能導致脹氣 非天然來源 消化不良者不易吸收 檸檬酸鈣 (Calcium Citrate) 21% 消化不良者易吸收 缺乏「關鍵營養素」 非天然來源 乳酸鈣 (Citrate Lactate) 15% 易吸收 缺乏「關鍵營養素」 可能含有牛乳或酵母等附加成分 非天然來源 胺基酸螯合鈣 (Calcium Amino Acid Chelate) 10-20% 易吸收 缺乏「關鍵營養素」 鈣離子含量低 非天然來源 抗壞血酸鈣 (Calcium Ascorbate) 10% 可作為非酸性的維他命 C 來源 缺乏「關鍵營養素」 鈣離子含量低 非天然來源 Q4:看網路新聞報導說單獨食用鈣可能會有負面風險? A4:對! 有多篇研究,包含 2013 一項針對 219059 位男性與 169170 位女性維持 12 年的大型追蹤研究、2011 年一篇婦女關懷研究 (Women Health Initiative; WHI)、2009 年針對芬蘭 10555 位女性的研究、及 2012 年所發表的歐洲前瞻性癌症與營養調查 (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition; EPIC) 針對 23980 位受測者的研究均呈現一致的結果,單獨食用鈣片,會導致鈣離子大量累積於血液中,長期下將對人體產生負面的潛在性風險。而解決此一潛在性風險的方式,需同時補充維生素 K2。因此,光吃鈣是不夠的! Q5:鈣補充品中的維生素 K 效果都一樣? A5:錯! 維生素 K 可以分為維生素 K1 和維生素 K2。而維生素 K2 又區分為 MK-4 與 MK-7 兩種形式。效果最好的是 MK-7 形式的維生素 K2,因此有信譽的廠商,會完整標示其來源。長期食用下,維生素 K2 的效果是維生素 K1 的 7-8 倍,因此,維生素 K2 為最佳的選擇。而要達到臨床上的功效,每日需食用至少 45 mcg 的 MK-7 形式維生素 K2;而同等效力的 MK-4 形式,卻需食用 1500 mcg,由此可見 MK-7 為活性最佳的維生素 K2 來源。 Q6:我購買的檸檬酸鈣粉包上面寫含維生素 K2 含量 0.1 微克,請問有效嗎? A6:一般在臨床上維生素 K2 要達到調節生理機能的效果,每日需食用最少 45 微克。而在每日營養素建議攝取量 (RDA) 建議女性每日所需維生素 K 含量為 90 微克,因此,食用太少將無法達成所需的成效,消費者挑選時,應該仔細閱讀包裝上的含量標示。 Q7:食用鈣補充品,除了維生素 K,還有其他營養素需要同時補充嗎? A7:有的,維生素 D 也可以增進鈣吸收;幫助骨骼與牙齒的生長發育;促進釋放骨鈣,以維持血鈣平衡。維生素 K 可以促進骨質的鈣化,調節生理機能。而礦物質 – 鎂有助於骨骼與牙齒的正常發育。鈣、維生素 D、維生素 K、及鎂為完整鈣片四大元素,挑選鈣補充品時,需同時包含這四大成份,能達到最佳的效果。 Q8:每日營養素建議攝取量 (RDA) 建議鈣需要 1000 毫克,我的鈣片沒有那麼高含量怎麼辦? A8:健康的身體還是需要回歸到完整的飲食,我們並不建議所有鈣的來源皆由營養品補充,平時完整的飲食搭配保健品才是最好的選項,富含鈣的食物包含牛奶、起司、小魚乾、豆類及深色蔬菜等。一般而言,每 1 毫升的牛奶大約含有 1 毫克多的鈣含量,所以一杯牛奶 (240毫升),大約含有 260 毫克左右的鈣含量,每日一杯牛奶,或是食用富含鈣的食品,搭配營養保健品,才能維持補鈣最佳成效。 Q9:咖啡因會影響鈣吸收,我是否不適合喝茶或喝咖啡了? A9:正常飲食下並無須太過擔心。咖啡和茶中的咖啡因會增加鈣的流失和降低吸收。根據美國國衛院 (NIH) 的資料顯示,一杯一般的咖啡 (brewed coffee),大約會流失 2-3 毫克的鈣。對於年輕的女性,一天適量的飲用 (約 1 杯咖啡或 2 杯茶) 並不會導致嚴重的影響。 Q10:鈣適合甚麼時候食用? 飯前還是飯後呢? A10:補鈣的一大原則,就是單次務必在 500 毫克以內,以維持最佳吸收率,因此建議分次食用。而食用時機,除了白天之外,最好能在睡前食用一次,因為夜間生理作用關係,補鈣能提供不錯的成效,而白天則依您生活方便的時機即可。 Q11:能否分享挑選鈣片的原則呢? A11:挑鈣其實很容易,只要注意以下原則: 1). 天然來源會比化學合成來的佳,化學合成由於便宜,因此相對產品價格有競爭力,但效果則可能大打折扣。天然來源又以動物來源的生物鈣最佳,因為含有「關鍵營養素」。 2). 鈣來源部分,牛骨鈣是首選,其成份含最多最豐富的人體所需關鍵元素,包含礦物質、微量元素、膠原蛋白、骨蛋白以及生長因子等。牛骨鈣也是經臨床研究證實,效果最好的鈣補充品。而牛骨粉來源眾多,紐西蘭是全世界唯一非狂牛症疫區來源,相對來講,其骨粉純度高,而且有紐西蘭官方國家出口保證,相對於其他國家來源,來得安心又安全。 3). 挑選鈣片,別忘了有四大元素:鈣、維生素 D3、維生素 K2 以及礦物質鎂。這四大元素同時食用,才能給補鈣帶來最好的成效。 4). 形式部分,膠囊會比錠劑來的好,膠囊添加物相對減少,錠劑會有額外的賦形劑、黏著劑、人工色素與其他化學物質。食用營養保健品是為了健康,當然越少添加物越好! 而粉包部分,常為了好吃,添加許多糖或是香料,反而對人體產生負擔。液體形式,則可能添加防腐劑,以避免微生物孳生。因此挑選這兩種形式的鈣,消費者需特別注意包裝上的成分說明。 5). 挑鈣別忘了純度驗證,許多國外進口品牌,可能拿著自身原品牌廠商的純度報告 CoA 來推銷,但這是沒有公信力的! 第三方實驗室提供的檢驗報告才有公信力,包括常見的重金屬、微生物以及農藥殘留檢驗皆不可少。無論國產或是進口品牌,當消費者挑選時,請記得挑選有給予第三方公正單位實驗室檢驗的品牌,才是安全的品牌。    

Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Process

    The key to selecting high-quality nutritional supplements is the safety, efficacy and active form of the product. Safety represents whether the product has be through quality control and inspection, which must be evaluated and inspected from the source of the raw materials at the front end. Efficacy indicates the effectiveness after consumption. Both the development of formulas and ingredients (it should reflect the latest clinical trial results) and the purity of the product affect the efficacy of the product. As for the active form, there are many forms of nutritional ingredients; the cheap supplements are usually made by cheap synthetic raw materials whereas well-known branded raw materials are usually clinically proven. The raw materials with active form can ensure the efficacy after consumption. In the dietary supplement manufacturing process, many processes are easily overlooked. Once the brand owner does not have the customer’s best interests (healthy and efficacy) at heart, the rigorous manufacturing procedures are likely to be simplified. The result is the product might less efficacy or cause negative effects.   The high-quality realpromise’s supplements go through multiple processes to ensure all our products has the best quality and effect. From the starting point, we have selected and audited the raw material suppliers worldwide. The audit items include the origin of the raw materials, and whether they have been clinically proven with the efficacy, the purity tests, and the active form evaluation. Once the raw material suppliers meet our required standard, we make a small amount of purchase first. Next step, according to the concentration of the raw materials and the latest clinical trials, we design and adjust the formula, which will be formulated on the premise that it complies with the laws and regulations of Taiwan FDA and market requirements. After the formulation is confirmed, the test sample will be manufactured, which will be immediately sent to a third-party laboratory to test and ensure that the safety and content of ingredients meet the designed requirements. After the prototype product passes the inspection, we begin the process of designing the product label and carton, and made preparations for the pre-production, including the procurement of raw materials, container, high-efficiency TYVEK desiccants by DuPont, label and carton printing, etc. Once we are ready with the preparation, the production of the final product then begins. When the product is manufactured, to pass the strict quality control is a must. All realpromise’s final products will be sent to a third-party laboratory (Intertek Testing Services Taiwan Ltd. or Eurofins Scientific) for the inspections of microbiological safety, four major heavy metal and 380 items pesticide residues, etc. We guarantee the product quality control before launching the product onto the market.    


    挑選優質營養保健品中最主要的關鍵在於安全性、有效性、活性。安全性代表產品是否有做品質檢驗與控管,從前端的原料源頭就須開始評估與檢驗。有效性代表食用後的成效,而配方與營養成分的研發,是否能反應最新的臨床研究成果,到產品的純度,都會影響產品的效力。活性在於營養成分的形式眾多,廉價的營養品通常導因於使用廉價的人工合成原料,知名的品牌原料通常通過臨床驗證,而活型形式原料更能確保食用後的成效。 在營養保健品的製程上,有許多過程是容易被忽略的,一旦品牌商要是沒有以客人的健康以及成效為出發點做考量,很容易就簡化了製造時該有的嚴謹程序,進而導致客人食用後可能效果不彰,或甚而有負面的反效果。   realpromise 高端營養保健品製程經過多道流程以確保產品具有最佳的品質與效果。從一開始就針對全世界的原料供應商進行挑選審核,審核項目包括原料的產地、是否經臨床驗證成效、純度檢驗、活性形式評估等。 一旦確認原料供應商符合我們的高標準要求,即會先進行少量採購,採購後經過研發針對原料濃度、最新的臨床研究文獻去設計調整配方,在符合台灣法規以及市場需求的前提下,進行配方開發研究。配方確認後即開始進行測試樣品製造,製造完成後,立即送至第三方公正單位實驗室進行檢測,以確保安全性、成分含量符合需求。 realpromise 在試製產品檢驗合格後,我們才開始進行標籤與紙盒設計與排版,並且進行生產前的準備,包括採購原料與品管、容器採購、杜邦公司開發的高效 TYVEK 材質乾燥劑、標籤印製、美術紙盒印製等。一旦準備完成後,才開始製作最終銷售產品。 產品製造完成後,仍須經過嚴格的品管,送至第三方公正單位實驗室(全國公證檢驗股份有限公司 INTERTEK 或歐陸食品檢驗公司 EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC)進行包括微生物檢驗、四大重金屬檢驗、以及 380 項農藥殘留等檢驗,確定品管合格後,才會上市販售。    

B-Complex Vitamins : Myth or Science – 2

    There are many myths/rumors regarding vitamin Bs. Which one is true? 1. Could vitamin Bs boost of energy? Acting as coenzymes, Vitamin Bs assist enzymes in metabolizing nutrients to produce energy. Vitamin Bs play a role of catalysis and cannot provide energy directly. When the body lacks enough nutrients, it is no use to increase energy by adding vitamin Bs supplement. It’s like a car, even with an extra-powerful engine, if you don’t provide it gasoline, there is no way to make the car move forward. However, when the body is deficient in vitamin B, proper supplementation can actually enhance your metabolic output. 2. If I feel fatigue in the morning, should I take vitamin B-Complex? When you feel your energy level is low in the morning, the first approach is to have a nutrient-rich breakfast, which could naturally enhances your physical strength and spirit, and also provide you the needed energy for the day. However, the morning fatigue is also a warning sign, which reminds us to get enough rest, not just passively take vitamin Bs supplement to help physical strength or eliminate fatigue. 3. Taking vitamin Bs at night would cause insomnia? In fact, for people who lack vitamin Bs, taking vitamin Bs before going to bed will not cause the insomnia, instead it could be beneficial. Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 work together could help synthesize serotonin in the brain, allowing the conversion of tryptophan to niacin and melatonin to help sleep quality. 4. The higher the dose of vitamin B-Complex, the better? Vitamin Bs are water-soluble, and excess amounts usually are excreted by the body. It is only necessary to supplement the daily recommended intake. The so-called appropriate amount includes the intake from daily food. If the diet is unbalanced, an appropriate amount of additional Vitamin B-complex supplements is recommended. However, some vitamin B-complex supplements contain excessively high doses. The unnecessary quantities of B-complex vitamins may lead to negative effects, which are still needed to be evaluated. 5. Not having yellow urine means the vitamin Bs are complete absorbed? After taking vitamin B-Complex, you might have noticed your urine turning a yellowish color. This is because the nutrients ingested by the body will be absorbed by the stomach and then enter into the body, and the excess amount will be eliminated. Vitamin Bs are mainly water-soluble nutrients, so when the kidney is converted into urine, the only color-bearing vitamin in the B group, B2, dissolved therein, thereby producing yellowish urine. This is a normal phenomenon; no need to worry too much. Some of the vitamin B-Complex supplements advertised that the urine will not look yellowish after taking their product, the reason is just because the product may not contain vitamin B2.      

B 群是神話還是科學 (下)

    坊間對於 B 群眾說紛紜,到底什麼是對的? 1. 增強精神旺盛吃 B 群? 維生素 B 群,是協助酵素代謝營養素的輔酶,是催化的角色,本身沒辦法供應能量。因此,假如身體缺乏均衡的營養素,單靠補充 B 群想要精神旺盛還是沒有作用的。這就像一部車,空有馬力超強的引擎,如果沒有吃油或車身不完整,車子一樣沒法前進。但當身體缺乏維生素 B 群時,適當的補充確實可以幫助更有效的代謝營養素。 2. 早上精神不濟吃 B 群? 早上精神不濟時,應該先吃一頓營養均衡的早餐,補充足夠的營養素,提供身體所需的能量,自然可以增強體力和精神。再者,晨起精神不佳,是身體發出的警訊,提醒我們要充足的休息,而不是消極的靠補充 B 群來補充體力消除疲勞。 3. 晚上吃 B 群會睡不著? 對缺乏維生素 B 群的人來說,睡前「適量」補充些B群,不但不會造成此一狀況,反而可能有益。維生素 B1、B2、B6 一起作用,可在腦中幫助合成血清素,讓色胺酸能轉換成菸鹼酸和褪黑激素,進而幫助睡眠品質。 4. B 群劑量愈高愈好? 維生素 B 群為水溶性,攝取過量只會排出體外,只必須補充每日建議攝取量即可。所謂的適量,就是包括從日常食物攝取,若飲食無法均衡,則需適量額外補充攝取維生素B群,有些 B 群強調非常高的劑量,補充過多並沒有好處,是否會讓人體產生負面影響,仍有待評估。 5. 尿尿不會黃黃的 B 群,才代表完全吸收? 服用 B 群後,小便顏色會變很黃,這是因為人體攝入的營養素,會經由腸胃吸收,進入體內,而後多餘的量會排除。 而 B 群主要是水溶性營養素,因此當經過腎臟轉化成尿液排除後,B 群中唯一帶有顏色的維生素 B2 溶解於其中,因而產生黃色的尿液,這是正常現象不需過度擔心。某些標榜食用後尿液不會發黃的維生素 B 群,原因就只是它可能不含維生素 B2。    

B-Complex Vitamins : Myth or Science – 1

    Modern people live on a tight schedule, with irregular eating habits and life styles, an over-tired condition has become the norm for many. There's already been a lot of media hype about the B Vitamins, and B-Complex Vitamins seem to be considered as the top choice for refreshing and recharging energy. To understand whether the B Vitamins toward energy supplement is a myth or a science, you must first understand what B-Complex Vitamins are. B-Complex Vitamins refer to the eight water-soluble B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, Nicotinic Acid, Folic Acid, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid). Each of the eight vitamin Bs has different responsibility, they help "convert" the ingested nutrients into the energy needed by the body. In other words, B vitamins cannot provide energy "directly”; rather, they help convert dietary energy into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the form of energy that our body uses. a myth or a science, you must first understand what B-Complex Vitamins are. The following list shows the effects of each of vitamin Bs on our body: Vitamin B1 – helps maintain normal energy metabolism. Helps maintain the normal function of the skin, heart and nervous system. Helps maintain a normal appetite. Vitamin B2 – helps maintain normal energy metabolism. Helps maintain skin health. Vitamin B6 – helps maintain normal metabolism of amino acids. Helps the formation of purple matter in red blood cells. Helps red blood cells maintain their normal form. Increase the health of the nervous system. Vitamin B12 – contributes to the formation of red blood cells. Improve the health of the nervous system. Nicotinic Acid – helps maintain normal energy metabolism. Improves the health of the skin, nervous system, mucous membranes and digestive system. Folic Acid – contributes to the formation of red blood cells. Helps the formation of nucleic acids and nuclear proteins. Helps the normal development and growth of the fetus. Biotin – helps maintain the normal metabolism of energy and amino acids. Helps the synthesis of fat and glycogen. Helps the synthesis of cockroaches. Improves the health of the skin and mucous membranes. Pantothenic Acid – helps maintain normal energy metabolism. Helps the health of the skin and mucous membranes. Helps body fat, cholesterol synthesis and metabolism of amino acids. Let’s put it this way, B vitamins are indeed essential for our body, but this does not mean that the supplementation of B vitamins will give us a powerful and significant energy surge. The real benefit of getting a sufficient amount of B vitamins is to provide cells and tissues with the nutrients needed to sustain energy, day after day, which is beneficial to the long-term health and well-being of the our body. As for whether you need to supplement B vitamins, or who are more likely to lack of B vitamins, you can use the following information as the reference : GROUP ONE:PEOPLE WITH UNBALANCE DIET People with unbalanced diet are prone to lack of B vitamins. There are many foods containing B vitamins.  Vitamin B1 – can be found in whole grains such as brown rice, oats, corn, and lean meat. Vitamin B2 – rich in milk, dairy products, liver, alfalfa and dark green vegetables. Vitamin B6 – can be found in lean meat, liver, cabbage, egg beans, wheat germ, oatmeal and peanuts. Vitamin B12 – exists in animal foods such as beef, pig, chicken, clams, fish, eggs and their products. If your life is too busy to have variety of foods in a balanced manner, you should take additional B-complex dietary supplements. GROUP TWO:VEGETARIANS & ELDERS For vegetarians and elders, it is better to add B vitamins supplementation. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal foods. Vegetarians who do not consume eggs, dairy, or fish are thought to be at particular risk of vitamin B deficiency. Meanwhile, for elders, they are very likely limited in their ability to absorb vitamin B12. Under these circumstances, to increase the supplementation of vitamin B12 is strongly recommended. GROUP THREE:DRINKERS For drinkers, because their body consumes a large amount of vitamin B, the demand for B vitamin gets higher. B vitamins can help metabolism, so it is good to supplement more B vitamins for people who drink alcohol a lot. GROUP FOUR:PREGNANT WOMEN & BREASTFEEDING MOMS For pregnant women and breastfeeding moms, their body requires even more nutrients. It is important to make sure the supplementation of vitamins is sufficient. In particular, folate can help the normal development and growth of the fetus; moreover, vitamins B6, B12 and choline have specific effects for both mother and baby as well. GROUP FIVE:SWEET TOOTH For those who love sweets, they need to take more vitamin Bs. Excessive sugar intake could make the body's vitamin Bs lack due to excessive consumption. That leaves you feeling less energized, as a result. The solution is to reduce sweet food intake and supplement vitamin Bs.      

B 群是神話還是科學 (上)

    現代人生活緊湊,加上不規律的飲食及生活習慣,疲憊已成常態。在大量媒體炒作下,B 群似乎已被認為是補充能量提神醒腦的首選。要了解 B 群是神話還是科學,首先得正確了解 B 群是什麼。 維生素 B 群主要由 8 種水溶性維生素所組成(B1、B2、B6、B12、菸鹼素、葉酸、生物素及泛酸)。8 種維生素 B 各司其職,將攝取的營養素「轉換」成身體所需的能量。換言之,B 群不能「直接」提供能量,而是以「間接」的方式,將膳食能量轉化為人體能使用的能量形式。以下為維生素 B 群對人體分別的功效: 維生素 B1 – 有助於維持能量正常代謝。幫助維持皮膚、心臟及神經系統的正常功能。有助於維持正常的食慾。 維生素 B2 – 有助於維持能量正常代謝。有助於維持皮膚的健康。 維生素 B6 – 有助於維持胺基酸正常代謝。有助於紅血球中紫質的形成。幫助色胺酸轉變成菸鹼素。有助於紅血球維持正常型態。增進神經系統的健康。 維生素 B12 – 有助於紅血球的形成。增進神經系統的健康。 菸鹼素 – 有助於維持能量正常代謝。增進皮膚、神經系統、黏膜及消化系統的健康。 葉酸 – 有助於紅血球的形成。有助於核酸與核蛋白的形成。有助胎兒的正常發育與生長。 生物素 – 有助於維持能量與胺基酸的正常代謝。有助於脂肪與肝醣的合成。有助於嘌呤的合成。增進皮膚和黏膜的健康。 泛酸 – 有助於維持能量正常代謝。增進皮膚和黏膜的健康。有助於體脂肪、膽固醇的合成及胺基酸的代謝。 簡而言之,B 群的確對於人體是必需的,但這並不意味著補充 B 群維生素會給您帶來強大而明顯的能量激增。獲得足量 B 群的真正好處,是日復一日地為細胞和組織提供持續產生能量所需的營養,這對人體長期的健康和福祉是有益的。至於您需不需要補充 B 群,或什麼樣的人比較容易缺乏 B 群,可以藉由以下幾點判斷: 1. 飲食攝取不均衡者:飲食攝取不均衡者容易缺乏 B 群。含有 B 群的食物非常多,各類蔬菜、水果等食物中皆含有不同的維生素 B 群。若您因工作繁忙,無法均衡攝取多種類的食物,這時候就應該額外補充 B 群。 維生素 B1 – 多存在於全穀類食物如糙米、燕麥、玉米等及瘦肉中。 維生素 B2 – 牛奶、奶蛋製品、肝臟、蛤蠣和深綠色蔬菜皆有豐富含量。 維生素 B6 – 瘦肉、肝臟、甘藍菜、蛋豆類、小麥胚芽、燕麥及花生等堅果類。 維生素 B12 – 存在於動物性食物如牛豬雞肉、蛤蠣、魚類、奶蛋及其製品。 2. 素食者及老年人:素食者及老年人最好加強 B 群補充。維生素 B12 主要存在於動物性食物中,素食者比較容易缺乏;而老年人因對 B12 的吸收能力可能受到限制,故對維生素 B12 的需求性提高。 3. 常喝酒者:常飲酒者體內對 B 群的消耗量大,需求較高。B 群能促進新陳代謝,所以常應酬喝酒的人最好多補充。 4. 孕媽咪及哺乳媽咪:孕媽咪及哺乳媽咪對維生素需求量增加,建議要攝取足夠 B 群維生素;尤其是葉酸有助胎兒正常發育與生長,加上維生素 B6、B12 及膽鹼對於孕婦都有特定功效。 5. 愛吃甜食者:愛吃甜食者需要多補充 B 群。過量食糖將使體內維生素 B 群因消耗過多而缺乏,以致吃完甜食後,常常感覺更為精神不振。解決之道在於降低甜食攝取及補充 B 群。    

Folate Benefits for Pregnancy ~ What You Should Know Beforehand

    Folate is a crucial nutrient for all of us: women, pregnant or not, and men as well. However, unless you’re a health-care professional, a nutritionist or a scientist, you might think folate is just a nutrient that pregnant women need. Indeed, adequate folate intake is important for expectant mothers. Supplement 400-800 mcg of folate daily could meet the needs for healthy growth and development of the baby and also for the needs of the mother herself. As for the upper intake level, it is generally recommended not to exceed 1 mg (1000 micrograms) per day.  Folate is like a master switch in a physical process called the methylation cycle. This is the mechanism that allows our bodies to function by turning on and off the individual biological switches for a host of body systems. When folate is working optimally, it has a significant positive impact on the formation of red blood cells, the formation of nucleic acids and nucleoproteins, and helps the normal development and growth of fetus. Folate cannot be synthesized by human body and must be obtained through diet or supplementation. The folate we obtain from the diet must be converted into its active form – called 5-MTHF before it can help power the methylation cycle and be used by human body. However, studies have found that 15-30% of people are lacking of ability to metabolize folate into the active form by themselves. As a result, a person could be eating all of the richest food sources of folate – liver, wheat germ, legumes, lentils, leafy green vegetables, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, etc. – and still lack of 5-MTHF. That’s the reason that simply supplementing with just any general form of folate supplement may not be good enough. If your body is incapable of metabolizing folate into active form, eating vegetables or taking nutritional supplements is useless. What you need is the most active and bioavailable form of folate. Folate in foods can be easily destroyed during improper storage and excessive cooking and heat. Boiling in water can cause a 95 percent loss of folate. The folic acid provided by general dietary supplements is the second generation folate, which is synthetic, does not occur in nature but can be utilized by the human body as a precursor. However, it needs to be converted to active 5-MTHF with key enzyme. The second generation folate is cheap but has limited effects, and it is again not useful for people who cannot metabolize folate into the active form. 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium Salt is the third generation folate, which is the only folic acid derivative available on the market, and able to penetrate the body cells without the need of further metabolism process. However, this form is not recognized in Taiwan. The fourth generation patented folate – Quatrefolic®, is a natural reduced folate. Quatrefolic® has been shown higher bioavailability compared to 5-MTHF calcium salt and synthetic folic acid. Meanwhile, Quatrefolic® is 100 times more soluble in water than 5-MTHF calcium salt, and its absorption rate is 10 times higher than the general synthetic folic acid. ACTIVFOLATE uses Quatrefolic®, the fourth generation folate, which has proven to have long lasting stability, super high water solubility, enhanced bioavailability as well as good safety. If you’re pregnant or of childbearing age, or you think you might be deficient in 5-MTHF, then supplementing ACTIVFOLATE could be your answer. You’ll get the best support for your body and enjoy many healthy benefits. ACTIVFOLATE also chose French-imported micro capsules and patented water-soluble fiber; it’s easy to swallow. Each batch of products have been tested by high standard third-party laboratories, and is the optimal source of folate supplementation for pregnant women.    


    葉酸是一種人人都需要的營養物質 : 女性,無論懷孕與否,男性亦是。然而,除非您是醫療保健專業人員、營養師或科學家,否則您可能會認為葉酸只是孕婦需要的營養素。的確,充足的葉酸攝入量對準媽咪來說很重要。每天需補充 400~800 微克的葉酸,可以滿足胎兒的需求和母親自身健康的需要。而上限 (Upper Intake Level) 部分,一般建議一天最多不要超過 1 毫克 (1000 微克)。 葉酸就像一個身體過程的主開關,這是允許我們身體運轉的機制,透過打開和關閉身體系統的各個開關來運轉。當其呈現最佳化作用時,有助於紅血球的形成,核酸與核蛋白的形成,亦可幫助胎兒的正常發育與生長。 葉酸不能由人體自行合成,必須通過飲食或補充品獲得。 我們從飲食中獲得的葉酸必須轉化為其活性型式; 稱為 5-MTHF – 才能幫助推動甲基化循環並為人體所利用。然而,研究發現,15-30% 的人本身無法代謝葉酸成為活性的型式。因此,一個人可能正在吃所有最豐富的葉酸食物來源; 肝臟、小麥胚芽、豆類、綠色葉菜類、蔬菜、蘆筍、酪梨、西蘭花 – 但仍然缺乏 5-MTHF。 這就是為什麼單純的補充一般型式的葉酸也許不夠。若您無法產生活性葉酸,食用蔬菜或是一般的營養補充品也沒有幫助。您需要最活躍和生物可利用的葉酸型式。一般食物中的葉酸,容易在存放中迅速流失或被加熱烹調所破壞,水煮可能流失 95% 以上。而一般的營養品所提供的 folic acid,是第二代人工合成葉酸;便宜但效果有限,對於無法產生活性型式葉酸的人而言,完全沒有幫助。第三代的鈣鹽型式葉酸,在台灣屬於不合法的型式。至於第四代的專利活性型式 – Quatrefolic®, 是天然的還原葉酸;與 5-MTHF 鈣鹽和合成葉酸相比,具有更高的生物利用度。同時,Quatrefolic® 在水中的溶解度是 5-MTHF 鈣鹽的 100 倍,其吸收率是普通合成葉酸的 10 倍。 孕喜葉酸即是採用 Quatrefolic® 第四代葉酸,具有持久的穩定性,超高的水溶性,增強的生物利用度以及良好的安全性。如果您正在懷孕或處於育齡年齡,或者您認為自己可能缺乏 5-MTHF,那麼補充 ACTIVFOLATE 就是您的解答。您將獲得對身體的最佳支持,並享有許多健康益處。孕喜葉酸亦採用法國超迷你膠囊,並添加專利水溶性纖維,方便易吞。每一批都經過第三方實驗室檢驗的高標準,對孕婦是最佳的補充葉酸來源。