Shopping FAQs


Click【 Account 】on the top right corner of the website   >  Select【 Register 】>  After the registration is completed, you can start shopping.


Click【 Account 】on the top right corner of the website   >  Select【 Log In 】>  Log in directly with your email and password.


1. Log In > Add The Products To Shopping Cart   >  Check Out

2. Review Your Shopping Cart   >  Select Delivery & Payment Method   >  Proceed to Checkout

3. Fill Information   >  Place Order

4. Order Confirmation   >  5. Products in Shipping   >  6. Products Delivered & Received


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Free shipping is valid on orders of NT$1,000 or more (Taiwan only). For purchases less than NT$1,000, if you choose to delivery by "T-Cat Express" or "FamilyMart / 7-11 Pickup", NT$60 shipping fee will be charged. For choosing the method of "Cash on Delivery", the shipping fee will be NT$100.


T-CAT EXPRESS - Ship within 1-2 business days after placing the order, and deliver the next day after shipment (excluding Sundays).

FAMILYMART / 7-11 PICKUP - Ship within 1-2 business days after placing the order, and arrive at the designated store about 3 working days after shipment.


1. Shipping in Taiwan is based on the delivery fee shown on the official website. The shipping charges for offshore islands are calculated differently and will be quoted separately according to the order.

2. For overseas orders, the shipping fees are calculated and quoted separately, which are depended on the weight of the shipment.

3. Parcels may be subjected to random inspection by Customs. Under Customs Law and Customs Import Tariff, Customs duty might be imposed. Under the circumstances, an additional fee will be added to the consignee.

4. Different tariffs and taxes applied on different products by different countries. If the parcels are subjected to random inspection by Customs, the additional cost will be borne by the consignee. If the consignee is unwilling to pick up the goods, the related costs or the loss of the shipment will be borne by the buyer.


T-CAT EXPRESS - Member Log In   >  Order Inquiry   >  Confirm Order   >  Shipment Tracking Number


MESSAGE - Click【 Message 】on the top right corner of the website  >  Leave A Message

LINE - Please go directly to Line app and search Line ID:@realpromise (need to include @)


According to the Consumer Protection Act, consumers have the right to purchase copyrighted goods on our website during the seven-day hesitation period; however, due to food safety considerations, once the goods are opened, they cannot be returned. Please be aware this condition and also pay attention to the following matters before shopping:

1. In order to protect your rights, please check the correctness and completeness immediately after receiving the order. If you have any questions, please contact customer service (Line ID: @realpromise). If it exceeds the seven-day hesitation period of the Consumer Protection Act, no return or exchange will be accepted.

2. When you receive the goods, if the goods are damaged due to the transportation process, please refuse to accept them directly to the delivery company. Be sure to take a photo to protect your rights and interests, and please contact our customer service staff immediately.

3. Please keep the packaging intact (including purchased goods, accessories, invoices, inner and outer packaging, gifts, etc.) for returns and exchanges. Please send them back together. If the goods are not intact or the food deteriorates, the return authorization would be affected.

4. Please store the product in a cool and dry place, and do not store it at high temperature for a long time to avoid deterioration.

5. If you have any questions, please contact (Line ID: @realpromise), we will help you as soon as possible.

6. If you want to apply for a return or exchange for non-defective goods, please contact customer service first and then send back the goods you want to return (the shipping costs are borne by you). Note that you must keep the goods packaging intact. We will confirm the goods after receiving, and after the goods are confirmed to be correct, we will immediately issue you a refund. Refund will be paid to your designated bank account or the remitted credit card.