1. The shopping rewards with purchase deals is exclusive to REALMembers. You must become the member and log in before you check out. After you meet the qualifying purchase amount, you will be eligible to the rewards. Please pay attention that if you check "I want to become a member" during checkout, it will not be counted as a login status, and even if the order amount meets the effective conditions, you will not receive the rewards.

2. The order must be in the status of "payment is completed"; meanwhile, it has to meet the qualifying purchase amount, then the rewards will be granted by REALSystem and send to the member account. 

3. When the amount after the discount being applied (including store-wide/specified product discounts, member tiered discounts, rewards) without shipping fee and surcharges included meets the qualifying purchase amount, the rewards will be granted.

4. If the order is cancelled or returned, the reward will be automatically deducted.

5. Registered members will get 5% rewards for spending over NT$1,000. The rewards are not time-limited.

6. For the use of the rewards, after receiving the rewards, members can set the order discount amount by themselves. The rewards can only be used when a single order reaches NT$1,000; meanwhile, the rewards can be discounted up to 20%.

7. This event is limited to the official shop of realpromise. Real Promise Co. Ltd. reserves the right to modify the content related to the event.