1. Join REALMember and immediately enjoy NT$100 shopping discount. (The new member NT$100 shopping discount has to be used within 90 days. The maximum discount for consumption is up to NT$100)

2. If your cumulative spending over NT$3000, NT$6000, or NT$10000 in 12 months, you will be qualified for different member levels. You could enjoy 2~8% exclusive discount within 12 months after you upgrade. You could use the discount right away, and the discount usage is unlimited.

3. During the realpromise's anniversary, you can enjoy exclusive REALMember shopping rewards or gift rewards.

4. Free shipping is valid on orders of NT$1,000 or more (Taiwan only). For purchases less than NT$1,000, if you choose to delivery by "T-Cat Express", NT$100 shipping fee will be charged. For choosing the method of "FamilyMart / 7-11 Pickup", NT$60 shipping fee will be charged. For choosing the method of "Cash on Delivery", the shipping fee will be NT$130.


After logging in, you can go to【 Profile 】under【 Account 】to check on your current membership level and the exclusive member benefits.


After logging in, you can go to【 Store Credits 】under【 Account 】to view your current credits, records of use, and also credit balance.


When there is a credit in your account within the validity period, the system will automatically bring in the discount amount when you check out. (Maximum discount for consumption is up to 5%)。

If you want to reduce the amount of the deductible credit, you can click on the link "Deduction of Shopping" in the "Order Information" section of the checkout page to modify the credit amount (up to 5% of the consumption amount). After click "Apply" button, you can complete the modification.

1. REALMember system automatically updates the membership at 12 o'clock (GMT+8) after the end of each day to check whether the member has reached the conditions of upgrade, renewal, etc.

2. After logging in, members can go to【 Account 】to to check on the current membership level, the exclusive member benefits and credits balance.

3. For REALMember system, the cumulative amount of the consumption will be started to calculate since 2019/7/10 11:00 AM.

4. REALMembership upgrade and renewal conditions are based on the timeframe of 12 months. You would be qualified for an upgrade or renewal if you accumulate a full amount of consumption (3 levels - NT$3000, NT$6000, NT$10000) within 12 months.

5. The cumulative basis of realMember upgrades should be under payment status "Paid" and also the order status is not "Cancelled" as well.

6. If the cancelled order includes the credits, the used credits will not be refunded.

7. If you do not register/login to REALMember system, you will not be able to accumulate your spendings, or enjoy any member benefits.

8. The cumulative amount of member spending cannot be combined across accounts.

9. REALMember credits and special discounts can be used at the same time.

10. When the cumulative spending amount reaches the requirement of member upgrade, that specific consumption is not counted in the specified amount of the member renewal.

11. realpromise reserves the right to retain, modify, suspend, and change the details of the member benefits at any time without notice.