We firmly believe that a responsible enterprise has an obligation to the society. In terms of the corporate citizenship, no matter the size of the corporation, we should take it from the society, give back to the society, donate to public welfare, and value the importance of environmental protection.

We make regular donations to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families every month. The main donations are for project「助養召集令」and project「無窮世代」. We hope that through regular donations, we can help disadvantaged families or children with developmental delays. Therefore, those developmental-delay children can receive appropriate help during the period of educational development. These donations will be used by Taiwan Fund for Children and Families as adoption fees for the interrupted child care, and also as funds for the promotion of other child and adolescent welfare services, including emergency relief, scholarships, parent employment assistance, and parental education for children and families. Meanwhile, help services such as parent-child relationship counseling, child behavior and psychological counseling, medical treatment assistance, and recreational activities. Moreover, depend on the local needs, the funds can be used for promoting family fostering of children and adolescents, helping adoption and guardianship investigations, aboriginal and middle school counseling, early care, nursing, or troubled teen girls, etc.


Generally, most of the dietary supplements on the market are packaged in white plastic bottles, due to the low cost. Thus, the product cost is reduced, and even the cost of storage and transportation is relatively lower. However, the plastic bottle actually has a great ecological impact on the earth. It takes more than a hundred years for natural decomposition. For a plastic bottle made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), if let it decompose naturally, it's likely to take about 450 years, which is a great burden on the environment. Plastic seriously harms the environment and contains potential risks of plastic particles, when human being consumes or flow into the ocean, the results could cause a vicious cycle of significant impact on the ecological chain. European environmental awareness has once again made glass bottles the new favorite of consumers, especially after the second season of BBC's Blue Planet, which has awakened many people's environmental awareness.

For us, environmental protection is a daily responsibility that we take personally, and we strive to reduce plastics. Our products use dark brown glass bottles, which can be recycled and reused without the risk of plastic particles and plasticizers. The dark brown glass bottle not only protects sensitive vitamin products from the effects of light and heat, but also prevents the active degradation of vitamins.


In addition to choose glass bottles, we use eco-friendly vegetable-based inks on our product packaging and labeling, which are non-toxic, without any volatile solvents or any heavy metals. The chosen vegatable-based inks have international SGS and EU ROHS certifications. It is safer both for the environment and for adults and children who use it.

The packaging of our products all uses recycled paper, it is certificated by "Green Seal Certification", "Recycled Paper Certification", and "Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)". "Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)" is an internationally authoritative forest management association. It was formed in 1993 by a group of forest workers, sociologists and environmentalists. FSC's international network focuses on promoting permanent and sustainable management responsibility and commitment to forests around the world. Our packaging paper has also obtained "Chlorine Free Element Certification". Chlorine will produce harmful substances to the human body when mixed with wood pulp during the bleaching and dyeing process of the paper. The paper we selected uses natural raw materials instead of chlorine bleaching and dyeing to avoid harmful substances to hurt the ecological environment.