The key to selecting high-quality nutritional supplements is the safety, efficacy and active form of the product. Safety represents whether the product has be through quality control and inspection, which must be evaluated and inspected from the source of the raw materials at the front end. Efficacy indicates the effectiveness after consumption. Both the development of formulas and ingredients (it should reflect the latest clinical trial results) and the purity of the product affect the efficacy of the product. As for the active form, there are many forms of nutritional ingredients; the cheap supplements are usually made by cheap synthetic raw materials whereas well-known branded raw materials are usually clinically proven. The raw materials with active form can ensure the efficacy after consumption.

In the dietary supplement manufacturing process, many processes are easily overlooked. Once the brand owner does not have the customer’s best interests (healthy and efficacy) at heart, the rigorous manufacturing procedures are likely to be simplified. The result is the product might less efficacy or cause negative effects.


The high-quality realpromise’s supplements go through multiple processes to ensure all our products has the best quality and effect. From the starting point, we have selected and audited the raw material suppliers worldwide. The audit items include the origin of the raw materials, and whether they have been clinically proven with the efficacy, the purity tests, and the active form evaluation.

Once the raw material suppliers meet our required standard, we make a small amount of purchase first. Next step, according to the concentration of the raw materials and the latest clinical trials, we design and adjust the formula, which will be formulated on the premise that it complies with the laws and regulations of Taiwan FDA and market requirements. After the formulation is confirmed, the test sample will be manufactured, which will be immediately sent to a third-party laboratory to test and ensure that the safety and content of ingredients meet the designed requirements.

After the prototype product passes the inspection, we begin the process of designing the product label and carton, and made preparations for the pre-production, including the procurement of raw materials, container, high-efficiency TYVEK desiccants by DuPont, label and carton printing, etc. Once we are ready with the preparation, the production of the final product then begins.

When the product is manufactured, to pass the strict quality control is a must. All realpromise’s final products will be sent to a third-party laboratory (Intertek Testing Services Taiwan Ltd. or Eurofins Scientific) for the inspections of microbiological safety, four major heavy metal and 380 items pesticide residues, etc. We guarantee the product quality control before launching the product onto the market.